Pansions to widows, Handicapped & Helps to Neddy

Around 7387 poor & deserving women and handicapped are getting pensions varying from Rs 750 to 5000 per month under this scheme so that these destitutes women could live a respectable life. Sarbat Da Bhala Charitable Trust also provides monthly financial assistance to prominent NGOs who are actively involved in the service of mankind. Special survey was conducted in economically weaker Abohar-Fazilka belt by our dedicated teams of doctors and experts. Pensions to more than 500 widows, handicapped and the like are being granted regularly. Tricycles and Wheel chairs are also provided to the needy. Some handicapped persons have also been given financial assistance for purchasing Motor-Cycle-Rehries for running door-to-door Mobile Shops. Sewing Machines are also provided to the skilled deserving ladies to earn for thier livelihood.